Social Media

I also blog on Gomerblog under the name Milli of Dilli. My Gomerblog publications as of now are as follows:

Respiratory Therapist Tom Brady Fired for Underinflating ET Tubes

Hospital Hires Wolfgang Puck to Design Turkey Sandwiches for ED Lunch Trays

Antibiotic Combination Pill Approved for all Pediatric Infections

Urgent Care Trains Monkeys to Dispense Z-Paks, Send Patients to ER

Texting on Cell Phone During ED Triage Correlated With Improved Patient Outcomes

Uber Rolls Out New ED to ED Transit Service for Drug Seekers

True Allergy Detector Available for Google Glass

15 ways to Confuse, Demoralize, and Frustrate your Emergency Physician

Sneezy Files Malpractice Suit Against Doc

I also have other pending publications on Gomerblog and have two publications on

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