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Family Feud…..Drug Seekers Edition (image)

Family Feud.....Drug Seekers Edition (image)

Family Feud…..Drug Seekers Edition (image)

Family Feud…..Drug Seekers Edition (PDF)


New Gomerblog Article!

Check it out: Sneezy Files Malpractice Suit Against Doc 

I’m expecting another publication this week on Gomerblog, so I will announce a double-value charitable donation at that time.

New Post on KevinMD

Another Publication on KevinMD: This is my Executive Workup Article from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

Next Post on Gomerblog

Next Post on Gomerblog:

New Google Glass Attachment Busts BS Allergies

As mentioned previously, FWEM will make a donation to a 3rd world charity for every Gomerblog post published from this author. As suggested to me on Facebook, a donation will be made to Cambodian Children’s Fund in the amount of $20

Another Post on Gomerblog

Check it out!

Reverse AMA Article Now Posted on KevinMD

Thanks to KevinMD for posting my Reverse AMA article on his site, Please give it a look. I have a provided a link to my improved Reverse AMA form that can be printed out if desired. This form can be also be found within the Multimedia section of this blog.

On KevinMD’s site: Reverse AMA Article

On my site: Reverse AMA article

The Reverse AMA form in PDF: Reverse AMA Form

New Post on Gomerblog

Check out my new post on Gomerblog. It’s a lesson in causation vs correlation:

Texting on Cell Phone During ED Triage Correlated with Improved Patient Outcomes

A new post up on Gomerblog

Please take a moment and check out one of this author’s new posts on Gomerblog, published this morning:

Urgent Care Trains Monkeys to Dispense Z-Paks, Send Patients to ER