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New Post on KevinMD

Another Publication on KevinMD: This is my Executive Workup Article from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!


Reverse AMA Article Now Posted on KevinMD

Thanks to KevinMD for posting my Reverse AMA article on his site, Please give it a look. I have a provided a link to my improved Reverse AMA form that can be printed out if desired. This form can be also be found within the Multimedia section of this blog.

On KevinMD’s site: Reverse AMA Article

On my site: Reverse AMA article

The Reverse AMA form in PDF: Reverse AMA Form

Patient Refuses ED Discharge; Admitted to the Hospital AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE

amaIn the first application of a new “reverse AMA” system put into place to improve patient satisfaction, a patient was admitted to the hospital for the first time against the wishes of her treating ED physician.  Constance Dolor, a 37 year old patient with chronic unexplained pain and a frequent visitor to the emergency department, became the first person in known history to be admitted the hospital against medical advice.

Ms. Dolor presented by EMS for the 5th time in 2 days for “chronic migratory all over pain.” She complained that her pain was incapacitating and nothing made it better except for a Dilaudid PCA, a request which was declined, for management of her pain in the ED. All of her objective tests in the emergency department were negative. However, her pain persisted despite all attempts, short of a PCA, to medicate her in the ED.

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