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First World Satire……Third World Solutions?

This is not a satire post. I have reached a point where I am being paid for each article I post on Gomerblog. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. However, instead of pocketing this income, I have decided to take a big step with my authorship of medical satire.

I plan to donate everything I make off of creating medical satire to charity. For now, I will even match the donations with my own money to double it. I will provide a link for you to be able to donate as well. My first donation has been made in the amount of $20 to Last Mile Health, an organization dedicated to providing the means for local health care practitioners to provide medical services in Liberia. Please check out their site and consider donating yourself if you are able. A redacted receipt of my donation is available at this link: page 1  page 2

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A couple of housekeeping issues

I have made some cosmetic changes to the site and added a Multimedia section. From time to time I will place satirical flow charts, pictures, video, etc. in this section. Check it out for my new Subarachnoid hemorrhage algorithm for the LP-averse Emergency Physician.

Also, if you like what you see, please consider “liking” the First World EM page on Facebook, if you have it. Eventually, I’d like to post all of my content there instead of sharing my posts with all of my Facebook friends so I can cut down on their clutter and achieve some degree of anonymity. Thanks for your consideration and thank you so much for helping me hit the ground rolling with this undertaking.

My New Website

This is my first post. My plan with this website is simple: I want a place to post satirical medical articles. I am a huge fan of Gomerblog and I recently became a writer for them under the name Milli of Dilli. However, I have more articles to share than those that Gomerblog can possibly publish! So I have placed some of my non-published articles here.

Thank you for your interest in my brand of medical satire. If you are interested in sharing your own medical satire articles then please feel free to contact me by emailing me at