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Doctors Without Borders Charity Drive through Gomerblog

Gomerblog has put together a donation page to Doctors Without Borders! If you have a few moments and a few $$$ to spare, please consider making a donation. The goal is $10,000. Every little bit helps! FWEM is proud to be the inspiration for this incredible endeavor.

First World EM’s internal charity links:

Proceeds from this site are donated to charity

First World Satire, Third World Solutions!


First World Satire……Third World Solutions?

This is not a satire post. I have reached a point where I am being paid for each article I post on Gomerblog. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. However, instead of pocketing this income, I have decided to take a big step with my authorship of medical satire.

I plan to donate everything I make off of creating medical satire to charity. For now, I will even match the donations with my own money to double it. I will provide a link for you to be able to donate as well. My first donation has been made in the amount of $20 to Last Mile Health, an organization dedicated to providing the means for local health care practitioners to provide medical services in Liberia. Please check out their site and consider donating yourself if you are able. A redacted receipt of my donation is available at this link: page 1  page 2

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