State of the site update 3/19

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has taken time to come to and read the articles on this site. The site has been averaging over 100 unique visitors per day (with 200-500 pageviews/day) over the past week, a remarkable sum for a site that didn’t even exist a month ago. The site is up to over 140 likes on Facebook. This seems like a good number to make the switch to stop posting FWEM articles entirely on my personal Facebook account. If you like what you see, please consider liking the site on Facebook or following on Twitter if you want to receive updates.

Going forward, here is what to expect with the site. Note that I will try and be open and honest about my intentions. This is a long post, so bear with me.

1) I have been experimenting with multiple different outlines, sidebars, and content titles. The major issues at play are search engine optimization (the site is currently on page 6 of “medical satire” searches on Google) and a developing a general idea of how best to link and display the information contained within the site.

2) You may have noticed a post about Dick Vitale having been recently posted and then taken down. When I learned the night before that Gomerblog was going to publish my article the next day, I wanted my better articles to be immediately visible and I felt the “arrow sign” article was a stronger article. I plan to re-post the Dick Vitale article at a later date.

3) I am still trying to determine the niche that I want to play in the medical satire community. I get the most joy out of writing what I call “smart satire” where there is a complicated topic and more of a buildup to a humor payoff that may be near the end of the article. However, that’s not necessarily how successful journalism works – your headline and first paragraph need to grab interest or people don’t read the rest of the article. I am not a journalist, so I’m still learning the ropes at this, so bear with me. I will try and mix in some for straightforward satire as well.

4) Pursuant to #3: My most popular articles by far at this time are the reverse AMA and Arrow sign articles (and I’m optimistic about the patient-centered triage article). It’s hard to draw conclusions this early in the game, but I’m wondering if I should stick more to the Emergency Medicine themes. I have a number of articles and flowcharts in development that are more emergency medicine based so I’ll see how it goes.

5) If you would be interested in reading over articles before publishing for another set of eyes vis a vis general impressions and formatting issues, please contact me as I need a couple people to vet my submissions. If you would like to try your own hand at satire, also feel free to contact me with your submission at

6) Finally, please feel free to share articles and the idea of the site in general with your friends and colleagues, especially if you are in the medical field. I would like to see this site grow and I can’t do that without your help. Thanks again for your interest!



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