Sources of Picture Files

This is a non-commercial site. Some pictures are taken from Google Images. Many are pictures of well-known politicians and celebrities that are ubiquitous on the internet and do not require sourcing. Many images have links embedded in the lower right hand corner of the picture. When allowable, re-sizing and photoshopping has been performed. For those pictures that require sourcing, the sources are listed below. Understand that I am new at this and am still working on getting the picture sourcing correct. As of 4/20, this list is incomplete and is being updated

Page header:   via ; Downloaded from (open source per their policy)

Sauna in Children’s Albuterol Steam Room picture (Modified):    Downloaded and altered under Creative Commons license: CC-BY-SA 3.0

History of Bronchitis Article: Picture adapted from ubiquitous picture featured on over 1000 sites, unclear as to source

USMLE Article: Altered from ubiquitous image of First Aid for Step 2 CS from

Lawyer article: taken, unaltered, from Better Call Saul promotional material.

Patient ML Article: Picture of Marshawn Lynch embedded from through WordPress’ embed feature

2nd year resident goes pro article: Image credit from Max Jackson | Photo Editor, (modified):

Numerous articles have had images downloaded from Most postings since March 24 have been downloaded from this site. Their share policy is available at this link.


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