Updated Disclaimer 3/26

In this space I will reinforce the disclaimer that EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THIS SITE IS SATIRE AND NOT REAL. (update 3/30):This is with one exception – Monies from satire will be donated to charity. I have no intention to make fun of particular people, entities, or patients unless they are in the public domain (i.e. politicians, the Joint Commission, etc.) and then not in a personal fashion. I strive to point out medical system inconsistencies, hypocrisy, and unreasonable patient and administrative/government expectations in a hopefully humorous manner in order to drive my point home. I also try and use over the top caricatures of my targets to eliminate any possible perceived similarity to an existing target.  I don’t mean to be directly offensive to anyone with a serious medical or psychiatric condition and I understand that there are exceptions to every rule (even chronic pain patients and can have serious emergency medical conditions).

I will reference again here that I am an Emergency Physician. Everyone by law can come to the ED if they think they are having an emergency. I and all my ED colleagues will treat you in a professional fashion. If it can be determined that you do not have an emergency medical condition then you will be treated with the utmost respect within the bounds of acceptable medical practice for your condition.

Finally, understand something about me. I love my job. I love the variety, the challenge, and the intellectual stimulation of being an Emergency Physician. For those who think I’m cynical and should do something else, well, I don’t want to do anything else. I enjoy helping people truly in need. I want to improve my specialty and the health care system by pointing out its flaws. I want to help my colleagues, co-workers, and medical practitioners who I will never meet have a better professional life by helping relieve stress through humor and satire. If my site makes incremental progress towards that goal then I have done my job.

Oh, and one more thing. I am always willing to discuss any perceived offense to any of my articles and will consider altering something or taking it down upon maturely-written email request to contact@firstworldem.com . I am writing these articles by myself and sometimes something I misworded or misinterpreted just needs to be pointed out to me.  I want to keep my day job, just like the rest of you who have one, and I do not want to write anything that would remotely jeopardize that.

Thank you for your time and your visit to my small corner of the internet.



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