About this Site

I want to get this out of the way early:

EVERYTHING (except for donating monies from satire to charity) ON THIS SITE IS SATIRE AND IS FAKE (i.e. NOT REAL)! Not a single satire article I have posted has any bearing in reality. Could some of these things happen? Maybe. But they haven’t.

Now that’s done, I wanted to introduce myself as an attending Emergency Physician. I have always enjoyed satire of all forms such as The Onion, Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Gomerblog. I have created this site an an outlet for creative humor, but also at times to poke fun at issues with the US medical system, a system that, shall I say, has “opportunities for improvement.” As a practicing emergency physician at an affluent (i.e. “First World”) suburban ED, I have plenty of potential targets. Put is this way: I am confident that I will never run out of material.

Understand that while the name of the site is First World EM, that not all of the articles are necessarily Emergency Medicine-based. There are too many targets out there to limit my site to just EM. With that said, most of what I find funny comes from the point of view of an ED Doctor. If you are an MD, DO, RN, BSN, PA, NP, Pharm D, JD, MJD, Reverend, a practitioner of a different specialty, or if you are non-medical, I hope you can enjoy this site as well.

I have written several articles for Gomerblog under the pseudonym, Milli of Dilli, and have an upcoming publication on kevinmd.com . All of my articles for Gomerblog are original content for their site and will only be linked to here. With the understanding that Gomerblog can’t publish every awesome satirical article out there, I have made this site, in part, to publish more satire. If you have medical humor you want to submit, please feel free to send it my way. Note that if your article has been accepted to Gomerblog and has not yet been published, or if it is already available on their website, I will not publish it on my site.

Now for another dislaimer and further rehash of the above: Please understand that everything on this site is SATIRE and is meant in no way to be taken as real medical advice or a true reflection of the morals of anyone writing it. Unless the object of the satire is a well-known figure in the public domain, any similarity to a real-life person or patient is completely unintentional. Satire is meant to poke fun at things that are topical and in order to generate laughs for those of you who need to relax now and then. Please keep this in mind as you read my articles.

My more formal disclaimer can be found here

Finally, if you like what you see, please feel free to “like” First World EM on Facebook or Follow it on twitter. Feel free to sign up for email alerts if you don’t have social media. If you don’t want to bothered with official stuff like that, then feel free to share the articles with your friends or just laugh in private. Thanks again for taking your time to visit my site and enjoy!


An Anonymous First World Emergency Physician

Please feel free to email me at contact@firstworldem.com with any comments, suggestions, etc. I am working at this alone and I can always use another set of eyes and opinions on what people like, dislike, or may find offensive about my site.


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