Snoop Dogg Endorses the Joint Commission


Calvin Broadus, Jr, aka Snoop Dogg, has officially announced plans to sign an endorsement and promotional deal with the Joint Commission (JC) set to begin on April 20. Snoop Dogg has agreed to appear in television, print, web, and billboard advertisements promoting the organization in exchange for hefty compensation, the manner of which is to be determined.

“This deal is in da hizzouse,” commented Mr. Dogg, “I be all UP in dat shizznit. When I heard that there was sumthin’ called the ‘Joint Commission’ I was SO there”!

The Joint Commission is excited about the potential of this deal to develop “street cred” and for improving outreach to the younger generation of medical practitioners. They are also hoping to reverse their recent slide in reputation amongst the health care community in general. A recent Gallup poll showed that the JC was less popular among the medical community than NG tubes, decubitus ulcers, and mineral oil enemas.

Recently, the JC has also been under fire for a number of questionable practices. In a reflection of the internal dysfunction of the agency, they have even taken the extreme step of citing themselves as a hinderance to health care.

At a press conference announcing the deal, Snoop was asked what would draw a man such as himself, whose only claimed “medicinal training” involves unusually advanced knowledge of the various treatment options for glaucoma, to speak out on behalf of a relatively mundane cause of promoting nationwide accreditation and certification of health care organizations.

“I be all about promoting the commission of joints and all dat……”

“Woah, hold on…What did you just say the Joint Commission does? [man whispering in his ear]. Ah, man, I was WAY off! This is false advertising and ****. I’m outta here”!


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