Mischievous Charge RN Uncovers Unannounced Pregnancies Using Patients with Suspected Shingles

pregtestNurses at DOA Hospital ED are furious with charge nurse and assignment coordinator Liz Leonsis after finding out that she has been purposefully assigning patients with shingles to nurses whom she suspects of being pregnant. Last year, she uncovered at least 6 early pregnancies while before the nurse was comfortable announcing them. It is well known that those who contract the highly contagious disease while pregnant are at risk of severe birth defects, and other complications, and are told to avoid others who may have this disease.

One nurse who was affected by Ms. Leonsis’ skullduggery was Brittany Morris, a 23 year old G1P0 now at 8 weeks. She stated that she found out she was pregnant 2 weeks ago. She hadn’t even told her family yet. She and her husband has been waiting to tell people until they were ready, however she stated that last week Ms. Leonsis out of the blue (and out of order) assigned her a patient with a complaint of painful rash to face with highly suspected shingles. She stated that when she politely asked Ms. Leonsis for a different assignment, Ms. Leonsis gave her a wink and a nod and shouted, “Congratulations”!

“I was mortified,” Mrs. Morris claimed, “I have never my rights violated in such a fashion. I hope Ms. Leonsis gets what’s coming to her, that F@#@#ing bi#@#.”

It turns out that bitch, Ms. Leonsis, routinely assigns patients with shingles to young, fertile nurses. However, she will apparently stop immediately once they are no longer fertile. A 25 year old RN, Danielle Carson, said that she was routinely given suspected shingles patients until she had an emergency hysterectomy last year due to severe bleeding. She says that she has not even been assigned a single patient with a rash since that time.

“I thought she was just being selective, but it turns out she just doesn’t care about me now that I can’t conceive anymore. What a load of crap”!

Ms Leonsis declined to comment for this story.

Co-workers have speculated that Ms. Leonsis is just a curious person. She is well-known in social circles outside the ED and the motive for her behavior is thought to be simply based on a desire to know everything about everyone.

The hospital’s nursing supervisor released the following statement: “We are aware of the allegations against charge nurse, Liz Leonsis. She has been placed on administrative leave as we investigate these allegations. Rest assured, that all pregnant nurses will be given a ‘random’ assignment for now on…. probably just ICU-level patients.”


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