“NPO after Midnight” Wins Battle of the Bands with Medical-Themed Names

rockLos Angeles, CA – After an 8-hour epic, medical-themed, Battle of the Bands last Friday night, NPO after Midnight came out the winner, playing their hit song, “Cancel that Case” in the finals, edging out M.R.S.A and their single, “Vancomyze ‘em” for the grand prize, a golden caduceus, in a split 3-2 decision. Earlier in the competition, NPO after midnight cruised by other up-and-comers, “Intubation without Representation” and “Traction-Countertraction” before taking on and barely prevailing over “Sister Cercosis” in the semifinals in another tight decision.

Other participants included “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,” “D…D…Dilaudid,” “5 and 2,” “Hiradenitis Suppurativa,” and 3th place finisher, “These Two Dudes.”

The battle of the bands was conceived by E. Kaygee Caliperi, a prominent cardiologist and drummer for the heavy favorites, “Bare Metal Stent,” a 5th place finisher who was upset in the quarterfinals by runner-up “M.R.S.A.”  After the competition, all of Dr. Caliperi’s bandmates announced they would be leaving the band to sign with a number of more professional established bands in the Los Angeles area.

NPO after Midnight’s victory turned worrisome and strangely ironic when, during their victory dinner, their lead singer ate a cheeseburger at precisely 12:01 AM, then 30 minutes later came down with severe right upper quadrant pain. He was then rushed to the hospital with what was diagnosed as acute cholecystitis. Unfortunately, he was subsequently informed he will have to wait until tomorrow to have his gallbladder removed because he had eaten earlier that day.

*(If you have a good name for a medical-themed band, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments here, on twitter, or on facebook. If I get enough suggestions, I’ll put together a poll with a low-value prize going to the winner)


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