First World Satire……Third World Solutions?

This is not a satire post. I have reached a point where I am being paid for each article I post on Gomerblog. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. However, instead of pocketing this income, I have decided to take a big step with my authorship of medical satire.

I plan to donate everything I make off of creating medical satire to charity. For now, I will even match the donations with my own money to double it. I will provide a link for you to be able to donate as well. My first donation has been made in the amount of $20 to Last Mile Health, an organization dedicated to providing the means for local health care practitioners to provide medical services in Liberia. Please check out their site and consider donating yourself if you are able. A redacted receipt of my donation is available at this link: page 1  page 2

As for which charity will receive money in the future, I have contacted a couple of charities that provide health-related services. If you have a suggestion for a worthy charity, please feel free to email me as well at . My personal bias is to focus on charities who are national or international, less religion-based, publish a frank accounting of their finances, and do not spend inordinate amounts on executive compensation.

So, why am I doing this?

1) I don’t need the money. This website costs me only $113/yr to maintain and I have a steady job.

2) I am keenly aware of  the optics of writing about a problem and not doing anything about it. I recall this meme on facebook (and others) of “liking” someone’s charity-related post but not donating or actually doing anything about it.

3) What better satire is there than comparing our first world problems to third world ones? If you want a good Gomerblog article addressing this issue then check this out.

4)  I am aware that all satire is written at the expense of a target. I will reiterate here that I try and pick overly exaggerated caricatures of my targets to avoid any real-life comparisons. However, the nature of satire is that someone is going to get picked on and may take offense. I don’t want to be seen as profiting at the expense of these targets.

5) What people who work in these organizations do is infinitely more important than what I am doing. There is really no comparison. I am truly in awe.

Soon, once this firstworldem site consistently averages enough pageviews/day, I plan to get advertising on the site to make some more money. I know this is a controversial topic. Ideally, I would like to keep this site free from advertising, but the opportunity to achieve the goals listed above leads to me believe this is a worthwhile goal. My site received over 1000 pageviews yesterday so I’m hopeful I’ll meet the advertising threshold soon.

To clarify what I mean by “threshold “- an advertising company with WordPress decides whether or not you have enough pageviews to warrant their investment, not the other way around. They don’t tell you what that number is or how much you get paid.

Thanks again for taking the time to peruse my website and read my articles. I have taken up this venture to develop a passion of mine and I feel rewarded that this site has taken off to the extent that it has. I hope to feel more rewarded by helping translate this passion into a meaningful call to help the less fortunate.

Finally, going forward, I will try and publish two articles a week, but that number is subject to change on a weekly basis pending multiple factors with time availability.

Thanks again for your interest,


PS- the first version of this post was entitled “First World Medicine…..Third World Solutions”


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