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Bill that Mandates Medicaid Pay Reimbursements in Pennies Passes House


Washington, DC – Passing the House with a bipartisan majority, the so called “Pennies from Heaven” bill stipulates that starting next fiscal year, Medicaid will begin reimbursing medical practitioners using sacks of pennies instead of the former method of sending a check, cash, or direct depositing it into an account. Next week, the Senate will take up the bill and early indications are that the bill will pass, especially after it was attached to “must pass” legislation authorizing funding for Congress’ upcoming beach retreat.

“At a recent hearing about health care reform, I heard a lot about Medicaid reimbursing ‘pennies on the dollar’ for care,” commented bill co-sponsor congressman Hugo Burns (R-TX), “And I kept saying it over and over in my head…’pennies on the dollar…..pennies on the dollar.’ And then it hit me! How about we reimburse medical practitioners using pennies instead of dollars”?

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2nd Year Medicine Resident to Skip 3rd Year; to “Go Pro” as an Attending

signingdayDr. Jaime Rodgers, a highly-regarded 2nd year internal medicine resident at University of Texas-Southwest (UTSW) Medical Center, has announced plans to forgo his third and final year of residency to “go pro” as an attending. After meeting with his family, his faculty advisor, and his residency director, Dr. Rodgers announced at a press conference, televised on public access television, that he will accept a contract with Southern Medical Group (SMG) as an internist starting in July. He then proceeded to sign the contract in front of the cameras.

“I have talked to my family, prayed long and hard, and I believe it is time to take my talents to SMG and see what I am capable of,” Dr. Rodgers stated, as he took a hat with SMG’s logo on it out from under the table and put it on his head.

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My New Website

This is my first post. My plan with this website is simple: I want a place to post satirical medical articles. I am a huge fan of Gomerblog and I recently became a writer for them under the name Milli of Dilli. However, I have more articles to share than those that Gomerblog can possibly publish! So I have placed some of my non-published articles here.

Thank you for your interest in my brand of medical satire. If you are interested in sharing your own medical satire articles then please feel free to contact me by emailing me at